I wonder if you have ever stopped and wondered, and ask your self the question: "what am I doing here?". Because if you think about it, that is one of life's hard questions. And if you really think about it, haven't we all asked the question at some point?

Now, I do not know how you got here. Maybe google sent you, maybe I did, or maybe another website did. Surely you know. I do know that you are here and you may find out that by staying a while and by enjoying the website, you will discover that there are things to see - unique things that you will not see elsewhere. You might even find something you like. And because of this, you may find it good to bookmark this site, because you don't want to lose things you like don't you?

At the end of the day, we are who we are and I am an artist who created this website and its graphics. So, in behalf of the cat, the owl, and the invisible dog - welcome!