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The Webmoney Web Design

I created this website design and html code within 24 hours. The layout is basically the layout of this website - designsomniac.com.

The background graphics used a photo from a free stock image database. Edited of course.

I picked colors that are easy on the eyes. Green is a very relaxing color, and it also symbolizes money in some culures. Perfect for a website that talks about money.

This design is a very clean design with functionality at the top of the list.

To create the design, I created some mockups using a vector editing software.

For the fonts, google's google fonts are always the best choice for fancy fonts. Bandwidth, compatibility and variety wise, google's fonts can't be beat.

Because the webmoney website shares  the same HTML structure of designsomniac.com, all i need to do is to re-use existing code and that saved me a lot of time.

If you want to see the actual website, go ahead ans take a look!